Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recipes Using Leftover Halloween Candy

My friend Megan freezes leftover Halloween candy and uses it later, like for Christmas treats and gifts.  I think that's brilliant.  I will be following her example this year.  In fact, I have to fill two pinatas for my kids with December birthdays, and I know what candy I'm using.

You could thaw your candy and use it in these recipes for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dessert, or you could just go ahead and make something yummy right now (as if stealing my kids' Twix isn't already yummy!).

These are just a few ideas, and they're pretty much all for the chocolate-lovers (or as I call them, normal people).

*Starts with a simple cake mix!

So, if sneaking candy from your kids' Halloween bags isn't dwindling your supply quickly enough, go ahead and try one of these recipes.


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