Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting to Know Nolan

Nolan is in first grade.  One of his first projects was to make a paper that tells all about him.  He included pictures of his favorite Marvel heroes, a picture of our family, and he wrote all about his favorite things. 

Yesterday was Nolan's day to be his class leader.  That means he got to present his paper to the class.  Then the other children each had to draw a picture of Nolan and write something they learned about him.  This morning I finally had the chance to sit down and look at Nolan's book of papers from his classmates.  It made my heart happy.

The very first paper in the book:

This is Nolan.  He likes to go to church.
My heart soared.  So I looked through the rest of the papers.

This is Nolan.  He likes his mom's cookies and candy.  He has one sister!
This is Nolan. He likes church.  He likes cookies.
This is Nolan.  He likes baseball.
This is Nolan.  He likes cookies.
This is Nolan.  His favorite color is green and orange.
This is Nolan.  He loves his mom, dad, brother, and sister.
This is Nolan.  He is going to church with his mom and dad and sister.

And Nolan's page in his book:

I am Nolan.  I like Marvel.  I like baseball.  My favorite Bible stories are Jonah and David.

I wish I had taken a picture of his original paper that he made to tell about himself.  It was so cute.

I love that Nolan felt so special yesterday.  I'm glad his classmates were able to get to know him better.

On a day when I needed some encouragement as a mom, I received it.  Nolan's classmates know him as the kid who likes church.  Thank you, God, for small successes.  Today I got one thing right.


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