Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Water Balloon Wars

The summer heat has been killing us.  We recently had our niece Layla over to spend the night.  One a weekend where the temperature was 107 degrees.  And our air conditioner stopped working correctly.

So, I thought this would be the perfect time to put on our swim suits and have some water fun.  I had purchased this container of water balloons at Walmart:

It came with two adapters for filling up the balloons.  I was hoping they would fit on a sink faucet inside the house (not that it was much cooler in there), but it actually only fit on our outdoor spicket. 

This was very helpful because we turned on the spicket and then used the lever on the adapter to control the flow of the water.  This way we could put on a balloon, turn the water on to fill it, turn the lever off, and remove the balloon.

Layla and I were a well-oiled water-balloon-filling machine.  My kids were too young to fill and tie water balloons, so they helped by handing Layla empty balloons and taking finished balloons from me and putting them into the bucket.

My fingers were so sore from tying all the balloons! 

Once we had the bucket filled with full balloons, we started the fun. 

At first, the kids just attacked Jared with water balloons.

Next up:  Water balloon baseball!

And all sorts of water balloon fun.


We played "Duck, Duck, Goose!" with water balloons.  It was fairly obvious when the person stopped and tried to burst a balloon on the "goose's" head!

Nolan and Layla played catch with a balloon to see how many times they could throw it back and forth without breaking/dropping it.

We made quick work of the first bucket of water balloons, so we had to pause to fill up more.  I made Jared help me tie them this time because my fingers were so sore. :)

Griffin wanted to try something...

Then we got out the hose.  First, the kids wanted a drink.

Then they filled the bucket and dumped it on each other.


Griffy got into the bucket.

Nora wanted a turn in the bucket, too.  These pictures crack me up.

Then we put the spray attachment on the hose and had fun with that.

See the rainbow?

Finally, we busted out some water guns and water ball slingshots.


We had tons of fun, and we were able to cool off.  And we have plenty of water balloons left to do it all again.

I used some of the photos from this activity to try out a few new Photoshop actions I recently downloaded.  Photoshop actions apply a series of effects/edits to your photo all at once.  I love the look of one called "Seventies" that I downloaded from Pioneer Woman.

Here are some enhanced photos of my kiddos:


We successfully completed Summer List item #12.  I hope you're all staying cool in this summer heat!


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  1. We also bought this kit of water balloons from Wal Mart. We also hoped the spout that came with it hooked up to the bathroom sink. I also got finger cramps from tying too many water balloons. The pictures in this post are beautiful. Happy, gorgeous kids on a perfect summer day.