Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Recipes

I always enjoy browsing for fun recipes for the 4th of July.  Here are some that I've found, just in case you're looking for ideas.

*I made just these strawberries last year.  Easy and delicious!  Just learn from me and buy the colored candy melts instead of trying to tint white chocolate (it seizes up when you add food coloring!)
*This is what I made for dessert last year.  Worked like a charm!

And this last one isn't red, white, and blue but I thought it was fun and summery:

I still have no idea what I'm making for this year.  I don't have a silicone star mold, so that eliminates several of these recipes.  I'm so exhausted...I may just make a yummy standby recipe and throw some patriotic sprinkles on top!


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