Friday, July 13, 2012

Root Beer Floats

One of the items on our Summer List is to make root beer floats.  Nolan has been excited for this one.  When I bought the root beer and ice cream before Jared's two-week trip, he lit up like a little kid at the idea of consuming these treats.

So the kids and I decided to wait for him to return so he could enjoy these with us.  We made them the evening he returned from his trek around the world.

Please excuse the cluttered background in these pictures.  Remember, I had been a single mom of three kids for two weeks. 

I think you all know how this goes.  I lined up 5 glasses (fun for the kids to use glass cups), scooped vanilla ice cream into each cup, and poured the root beer over top. 

Griffin hates soda.  He doesn't like the bubbles and says they taste "sharp."  I think root beer is not quite as carbonated as other sodas, so I had him try a sip of mine just to see if it would be acceptable.

Nope.  He didn't like the root beer, so I poured grape Kool-Aid over his ice cream.  Problem solved.

I stuck a long-handled spoon and a straw into each glass and let each child carefully carry their own float to the table.

Nora thought that she wouldn't like root beer.  She threw a fit without even trying it.

I knew she would like it if she gave it a try, so first I made her eat a bit of the ice cream in her glass.  She liked it and kept eating until she got some of the root beer and discovered that she loves it!

Nolan, as expected, loved his root beer float.

And then we quit taking pictures so we could all sit together, enjoy our treats, and celebrate our family being whole again.


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