Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Diet Foods: Breakfast

I'm in a bit of a breakfast rut right now, but I wanted to share the breakfast foods I like most (that are diet friendly, that is!).  I start every morning with coffee.  Can't help it.  I use fat-free cream, and I use a little sugar and a little Truvia:
I'm not sure if I'll ever kick my coffee habit, but I do think watching my sugar and cream helps.  Plus I drink half decaf and half regular coffee.  Anyway, I do not like other artificial sweeteners, but I have no issues with Truvia.  

Everyone knows eggs are a yummy breakfast food.  But I have a little trick.  I combine two egg whites with one whole egg.  I whip them up with a fork like scrambled eggs, but without milk.  Then I just cook them in my little skillet (with salt and pepper).  This way I get the flavor from the one egg yolk without the extra fat and cholesterol I would get from the two egg yolks I omit.
Eggs and bacon are a match made in Heaven, but I opt for turkey bacon.  Since I love my bacon very crispy {nearly burnt}, I lay the bacon on a paper towel, cover it with another paper towel, and microwave it.  It comes out crispy and delicious.
Then my awesome husband discovered chicken bacon.  This stuff tastes exactly like turkey bacon, but it has fewer calories and less fat.  Same story here:  I cook it in the microwave.  In fact, I put it in the microwave and then cook my eggs, and it's all ready about the same time.

A recent breakfast discovery I've made is steel cut oatmeal.  I wanted to try this make-ahead oatmeal, but all I could find is the "instant" steel cut oatmeal, which doesn't cook the same as regular steel cut oatmeal.  Since I didn't discover this difference until after I had brought it home from the store, I decided to give it a try.  It's very easy to make (it does indeed take 5 minutes, as stated on the package).  I usually add an obscene amount of brown sugar to my oatmeal {yum}.  But this oatmeal has such great texture, and I've discovered a new add-in:

I love sprinkling golden raisins on my oatmeal because they add tons of sweetness.  I add them right away after the oatmeal cooks, and the heat softens the raisins just a little.  Sometimes I still add 1-2 teaspoons of brown sugar, which is waaaay less than I used to.  

And for anyone who hasn't had these, yes golden raisins taste different than regular dark raisins.  Golden raisins are much more plump and chewy (in a good way).

This last pick is really more of a snack, but I grab a Special K 90 Calorie Bar when I need to eat breakfast on the go.  I really like the Chocolatey Chip Cookie flavor pictured above.  I also like the Strawberry flavor seen here:
Since I like these so much, I tried the Special K Protein Meal bars.  Big mistake.  Huge.  They tasted awful.  I would not recommend them.

So there you have it.  These are my current breakfast selections.  I need to mix things up, huh?  Stay tuned for my favorite selections for lunch & dinner, snacks, and extras.


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