Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boys' Bedding and God's Plan

My two boys share a bedroom and sleep in bunk beds.  They have had the same bedding for quite some time now.  It's fine.  They sleep on it.  They have moved on from their current bedding themes, but it just hasn't been a priority to upgrade.

So my husband and I decided that we would love to surprise our boys with new bedding that reflects who they are and what they're currently into.  Nolan, our oldest, has {sadly} moved on from dinosaurs and now loves Marvel superheroes.  Griffin, our middle child, still likes his sports sheets, but he is also very much into Mario right now.  

So I ordered new superhero bedding for Nolan, and it arrived while we were still hunting for just the right thing for Griffin.  I thought I had it hidden well enough, but Nolan discovered his new super-soft blanket and excitedly brought it to me.  I explained that I was going to surprise him and that I wanted him to wait until we had Griffin's surprise too.  Griffin never gave any of it a second thought.

Nolan has been asking me everyday if we have ordered Griffin's sheets yet.  I usually redirect the conversation or tell him I don't know what he's talking about.  He always grins so cutely and presses me for more information because he's so excited about that blanket.  He doesn't even know that we also got him sheets and a super cool pillow case.

Today when we got home after school, there were two boxes from UPS sitting on our front porch.  Nolan was elated.  He was sure the boxes contained Griffin's bedding.  I miraculously snuck the boxes (one with the new sheets and one with Griffin's new super-soft blanket) downstairs and started a washer load so I could wash both boys' new bedding.  

My plan was to get all the new bedding clean and put it on the boys' beds tomorrow.  I imagined their eyes getting huge and their faces lighting up as they walk in to see their newly made beds.

Nolan has been bugging me about this all evening.  Tonight when I was tucking him into bed, he again told me he knows Griffin's sheets came.  He finally wore me down to the point of being frustrated.  I told him just to forget about it so I could surprise him.  

I felt the joy being sucked out of me as my surprise plan was being ruined.

Nolan only knew a tiny part of my plan to randomly bless him.  He didn't even know all the surprises I had carefully chosen just for him.  But he couldn't trust me enough to let me carry out my plan.

I was struck with the parallel for God's plans for us.  I bug and bug him about what he's going to do and when.  I don't trust him enough to just wait and see what he has already chosen just for me.  My impatience and need to know what's going to happen interfere with the perfect plan he has for me.  

Are you a Nolan or a Griffin?  Do you bug God and try to speed up his plan or at least get him to spoil some surprises?  Or do you calmly trust him to reveal his plan in his time?

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  1. Griff told me all about his new sheets. He was SO excited!