Monday, November 5, 2012

Something Sweet

Jared's sister Caitlin had a baby last week (on Halloween!).  This weekend we wanted to take her dinner, and of course, I saw it as an opportunity to bake.

So I took my own advice (for once) and used one of the recipes I shared with you last week to use up leftover Halloween candy. 

I decided to go with Shortbread Candy Bars by Martha Stewart.

I didn't take many pictures of the process, but it really was very simple.  It started with "shortbread" (butter, brown sugar, salt, and flour) pressed in the bottom of an 8x8 pan.  After the shortbread was fully baked, I covered it with a bit of chocolate.  The melted chocolate acts like a frosting, and you put the chopped up candy on top of the melted chocolate.

The recipe called for one cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips as the "frosting" over the shortbread.  However, I had some Hershey bars leftover from a s'mores gathering that got rained out last month.  I figured it was better to stray from the recipe to use up what I had.

I chose four different Halloween candies and placed the toppings quadrant-style on the chocolate-covered shortbread.

Chopped Kit-Kat (upper left), chopped peanut butter cups (upper right), and chopped milk chocolate (bottom center) for frosting/topping
For the other two candies (Peanut m&m's and Whoppers), I left the candies in their wrappers and smashed them with a can of green beans.  Fancy, I know.

The finished goodies:

Once the bars cooled, I sawed cut them into bars.  They were a little on the hard side (at least the shortbread part).  But no one seemed to care too much once they tasted melty, delicious candy.

And, do you know what's sweeter than cookie bars covered in candy?  This:

Griffin with his new favorite person.  Ever.

Nolan's hand and the tiniest baby fingers
Her bilirubin monitor can't detract from her cuteness.  And nothing can keep Griffin away from her.

Ohhh, holding a 5-lb. baby will make all your worries disappear!


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