Wednesday, May 25, 2016

School's Out For Summer!

We did it.  We stinkin' did it!  We made it to the finish line of this school year.  We may be bruised and battered but we crossed that line!

Here's my crew of kiddos on the last day of school:

Garrit and Abby are part of my family.  On the drive to school yesterday, the kids tried out different smash-ups of our two last names.  It's a good thing we live near each other so we can get together this summer!

The kids had a half day for the last day of school, and I spent that time at the grade school helping with all the games and activities for the kids.

The girls at snack time
Me and the Girls

Me and Griffin right after tug-of-war

I'm so thankful for every minute I've been able to spend with my younger kiddos.  I've spent so much time with Nolan these last six months, so I treasure every moment with Griffin and Nora.  What a privilege to be able to spend their last day of school with them!


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