Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mint Teacher Appreciation Gift

May is CRAZY!  In addition to my son's birthday (yes, he requires a party for family and a separate party for friends), my daughter's dance recital (complete with pre-dress rehearsal and dress rehearsal and performance night), Mother's Day (I may be a mom but I also have to take care of the moms in my life), and all the usual practices and homework (and laundry and cleaning and meals)...this is also Teacher Appreciation week.

Anyone else overwhelmed too??

Well I really do appreciate all the teachers in our busy kid world.  I just don't have time to show them in the most creative way possible!  I helped our Parent Club deliver donuts on Monday and decorate the teachers' lounge.  Tuesday the club gave the teachers fresh fruit.  I already forgot what's being delivered today, but Thursday will be lunch and Friday will be cookies.  I participate in the Parent Club and helped raised the funds used for this week's gifts.  But I still want my boys' teachers to know that I personally appreciate them.

My friend Michele found this "mint" printable and even printed two extra copies for me!  She is a school secretary, and she made adorable little gift bags for the teachers at her school.  You can attach this printable to anything mint-flavored.  I just made it very very easy on myself.

I ran to Walgreens and bought a 3-pack of mint Tic-Tacs for $0.99 and a tin of cinnamon mints (just in case they want an alternate flavor) for $0.99 each.  I threw those into treat bags I had leftover from Christmas (I skipped the Rudolph toppers...).  I used white ribbon to tie them up and attach the printed card.


The free printable card can be found at Made 2 B Creative.  It says:
Thank You for your
This morning as I watched someone carrying flowers into preschool, I realized that I've spent all my energy on the boys' teachers and forgot about the preschool teachers!  So I ran out and bought two boxes of Junior Mints and two bags of Pepperidge Farms Mint Chocolate Milano Minis.  I simply tied them together and printed two more cards.  Preschool teachers:  appreciated!


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