Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nora Started Preschool

So...this post is so very, astonishingly, embarrassingly overdue.  But I couldn't just let it fall through the cracks.

Last month Nora, my youngest baby, started preschool.

She chose her own outfit.  For a moment I considered playing the Mom-gets-to-choose-first-day-of-school-outifts card.  But then I decided just to let her go to her first official day of school as exactly herself.

She was all ready to go with her Ariel backpack and her hair in the braid she requested (even though her hair can't stand to be contained in a braid and starts busting out by the time I pick her up at 11:30).

Nora is attending the same preschool that my boys went to, but she has different teachers (the boys had the same two teachers, but one retired and one got a job teaching elsewhere).

She only has preschool three mornings per week.  I usually get about two hours of kid-free time while she's at preschool, and that time usually goes to running errands, having my own hair appointments or dental appointments, doing housework, or volunteering at the boys' school.  One day I got to go with Nora's class on a field trip to a local pumpkin farm.  Seriously, this is the good life.

Nora with her good friend Dakota on the first day of school


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