Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lost Teeth

The Tooth Fairy has been to our house twice in the last week.

First, my little Griffin lost his first tooth Saturday night.

My niece Layla was the one to pull out his tooth (although it was so loose it would have fallen out if he exhaled too hard!).  Layla has a special talent for pulling out teeth.  We have a running joke that she's like a shark who just keeps regenerating teeth because she seems to have lost about 57 teeth so far.

Layla put Griffin's tooth in a baggie and labeled it.

Griffin wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy and put it under his pillow along with his tooth.

Dear Tooth Fairy, this is my first tooth!  Layla pulled it! Because it was ready

and I was not scared.  And what is your name?  Love, Mr. Glitch and Griffin

Griffin called himself "Mr. Glitch" because he is obsessed with finding glitches in his favorite Mario video game.  It's one of his favorite things in life right now.

Griffin happily received $1 for his missing tooth.

Two days later, while the boys were home from school due to dangerously low temperatures, Nolan pulled out his fifth tooth.

I think he was a little inspired by Griffin's tooth loss success.  I forgot to take a picture of his letter to the Tooth Fairy, but it included a few requests.  He asked for a Skylander or a Marvel comic book instead of money.  He also asked for a blue toothbrush for his brother.  The Tooth Fairy regretfully informed him that she only carries $1 bills for teeth but would be happy to provide the tooth brush as it was both a kind brotherly request and an important part of dental hygiene. 

I remember feeling a bit heartbroken when Nolan lost his first tooth.  I recalled the difficult process of teething to get those teeth in!  I was sad that he was growing up and that his smile would look different than it always had.

Now I am excited for the boys as they are proud of their own bravery and excited to show everyone the holes in their mouths.  I can embrace their growing and changing...in baby steps.

I asked the boys if I could get a picture of their cute little holey smiles, and they actually cooperated!

And lest you get too warm and fuzzy, this is the other shot I got:



  1. Well, good riddance to the teeth. Bad teeth shouldn't drag down the rest of our days. We should not have to endure such pains. The faster we part with it, the better. You can see that from the smile on their faces:)

    Back Mountain Dental

  2. Despite those missing tooth, your kids are still adorable and good looking. It was nice of Layla to help Griffin pull out his tooth. It would have been easy for Griffin alone, but it was a sweet gesture. Anyway, how are the kids’ tooth doing nowadays? Have they grown back yet? In any case, I hope they manage to keep them strong and healthy. Thanks for sharing this with us, Jessica. All the best!

    Karen Perry @ Brookside Dental Care