Monday, December 16, 2013


Saturday morning we woke up to several inches of beautiful snow.  I was like an excited little kid looking out at our back deck and the trees behind our property.

I loved seeing the accumulation on our patio furniture.

Jared and the kids headed out to play in the snow for a bit before we had to hit the ground running into our busy day.  I managed to snap a few photos before I had to head out into the busyness.

I hated to pull Nolan away from the fun, but we had to head up to church for his Christmas program rehearsal and then he had a basketball game.

While we were at church, Jared and the other two kids kept playing in the snow.  Jared left me a giant message in the snow covering the tennis court behind our house:

He and the kids also made the cutest real-life version of Olaf, the snowman from the movie Frozen, in our front yard:

What a fun way to spend time with the kids and enjoy the winter season and pre-Christmas excitement!

This also reminds me of a favorite song that I forgot to share with you before (in this post about my favorite Christmas songs).  It's "Winter Snow" by Audrey Assad and Chris Tomlin:


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