Tuesday, August 13, 2013


As we've been settling into our new home, there have been lots of firsts.

The first night sleeping in the new house.

The first home-cooked family dinner.

The first time a kid puked in the new house.  Yes, that's already happened.

The first time I've cleaned the new house (the downside of upsizing).

I'm still waiting for the first time I get to do laundry in our new house since our appliance delivery keeps getting pushed back.  We had to take our clothes to the laundromat last night.  Not my idea of a good time.

We have met the neighbors on each side of us, as well as the giant monster dog that lives next door.  On Sunday the neighbors directly across the street brought us this:

That's right--they baked us delicious cookies and brought them with a card welcoming us to the neighborhood!  How adorable is that??

They are super friendly and have three young kids.  The bad news is that they are trying to sell their house because of a job relocation.  Is it wrong to hope they don't sell their house just because I want to keep the friendliest neighbors? :)

We have only driven by our old house one time, and we could see that the new owner was ripping out our landscaping in front of the house.  She already told us that she's planning to put in TWO more bathrooms in the house, and I know she's going to paint and make other changes as well.

Jared unexpectedly ran into her at the grocery store last night.  They exchanged pleasantries and he avoided asking about the old house, but I think it was slightly weird nonetheless.  I guess we should prepare for more awkward run-ins.

I bought school supplies last night, and I'm still waiting on Griffin's backpack (ordered from Old Navy), which was re-routed when we changed our address and should hopefully make its way to us this week.

This is our final week of summer bliss.  Next week starts morning routines and me barking orders at the kids so we can get out the door on time. 

I'm not gonna lie...I'm SUPER nervous about Griffin starting kindergarten.  That's a first that's much bigger and more important than all our house firsts.  I want my kids to thrive in school, both academically and socially.

Then again, this isn't the first time I've gone through the emotional journey of sending a child to kindergarten.  Nolan struggled horribly with adjusting to kindergarten, and we didn't even have a reason to think he might have a hard time.  I prayed nearly every minute of every day, and my sister fielded my daily crying phone calls.  We survived, and Nolan eventually became a school pro.

Griffin may actually do well at school right from the start.  It wouldn't be the first time he surprised us.


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